What can Titan Software do for you?

Sales Order Processing

BCR's Titan distribution enterprise software Sales Order Entry is designed specifically for the wholesale distributor. It is extremely fast and easy to use but includes all of the information and many features a wholesaler needs to serve their customers. Automated pricing and quoting tools maximize competitiveness and profitability. There are numerous item and customer lookup methods and all of the details needed to handle orders are instantly available to the busy user. Users can switch between any orders in process on the fly.

You can manage quotes, convert quotes to sales orders, create and update POs, print order confirmtions, pick tickets, packing slips, job orders, manage backorders, invoices, credit notes, and return good authorizations (RGA/RMA). There is complete integration with Accounts Receivable and Customer Relations Management.

Manage Sales Taxes by tax authority and jurisdiction. Manage sales comissions based on tiered rates, depreciate comissions based on time to pay and/or pay only after invoice is paid in full.

Customer Relations Management

BCR's Titan distribution enterprise software includes an integrated CRM application, Contact Management (CM), designed to help you manage customer and prospect relations with a contact diary, pending actions scheduler, email blast campaigns, and more. CM is directly tied to the Titan customer records so that prospects can instantly be converted to customers. CM can be accessed from within order entry to maintain customer information on the fly while entering orders. Unlike some popular third party CRM products, Titan CM is extremely easy to use and will not discourage users from maintaining information.


Distributors seeking e-commerce solutions typically have to choose between template limited design options tied to an ERP product, or custom design that either isn't integrated to their ERP database or can be but at significant cost. BCR offers custom designed internet stores, fully integrated with the BCR database, for less than competitive one-size-fits-all canned solutions. Both B2B and B2C functionality is available. Data changes such as stock availability, prices or new products in the Titan ERP software can automatically update your website.

Point of Sale and Retail

BCR's Titan distribution enterprise software includes full POS/retail functionality including cash drawer, bar code scanner, credit card reader, signature capture, PIN pad, and CC receipt printer integration. Titan can be configured to handle cash walk-in counters, showrooms and full blown retail checkouts. All POS/retail functions are integrated to the Titan distribution software and users can shift between distribution charge orders and cash retail sales at will using one workstation and input screen.

Purchasing Management

BCR's Titan distribution enterprise software can create suggested POs based on inventory management parameters, dramatically reducing time spent creating them from scratch. A buyer's worksheet utility can be used to work up prospective POs for multiple vendors over time. POs can also be created or added to directly from sales order entry for backordered items, special orders, and drop ships.

Inventory Management

BCR's Titan distribution enterprise software BCR real-time inventory management is designed to improve both inventory performance and customer service by having the right amount of inventory at the right time. Practical and understandable inventory replenishment parameters support a MIN/MAX or order point/line point replenishment scheme per item, per warehouse. Multiple report and suggested PO creation tools allow buyers to automatically create and adjust purchase orders based on those parameters. Create product lables and bar codes using our seamless interface to BarTender software.

Warehouse Management

BCR's Titan distribution enterprise software provides numerous warehouse management features including wave picking, cross docking, multiple bin location tracking, and lot quantity tracking. Titan is fully bar code scanner and printer integrated. BCR also offers a state-of-the-art wireless warehouse management system designed to help you automate your inventory processes using RF terminals to improve picking and receiving accuracy, productivity and efficiency while reducing costs. Create product lables and bar codes using our seamless interface to BarTender software.

Financial Management

BCR's Titan distribution enterprise software is a full-featured accounting application that is fully integrated across all operational applications. Soft closings, multiple cost centers, independent module dating, budgeting, commission reporting, and template and recurring journal entries are just some of its many features. It even includes payroll and fixed assets , which are frequently sold as options or are not available in other products.

Business Reporting and Analytics

In addition to the numerous business performance reports provided with the product, BCR's Titan distribution enterprise software's easy to use Report Writer lets you get the data you put into your system out of it as the information you need, in the form you need it, when you need it. Create your custom reports yourself and add them to your menus, or let the BCR support staff create reports for you that meet your special needs. Reports can be automatically run and emailed using the BCR Notify product. Export any report data to a spreadsheet and import data as well. Connect to any ODBC compatible third party reporting or data mining tool like Crystal Reports™