TITAN -> enterprise

BCR's TITAN enterprise (ERP) product is a fully functioning business accounting, order processing, and inventory management product designed specifically for the wholesale distribution industry. It is not sold piecemeal. It will run your company "out of the box."

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Full-featured accounting application that is integrated with all operational applications. It even includes payroll and fixed assets, frequently sold as options in other products

Order Entry

Designed specifically for the wholesale distributor so that is extremely easy to use but with all of the information and features a wholesale needs to profitably serve their customers.


Multiple tools to manage automated pricing and quotations. Starting with basic item/customer price levels, fine tuned with item category discounts and matrix pricing, and custom customer/item price lists or contracts.


Designed to both increase your profits and improve customer service by having the right amount of inventory at the right time. Practical inventory replenishment features can create suggested POs, dramatically reducting time spent creating them from scratch.

Contact Manager

Designed to help you manage customer and prospect relations with a contact diary, pending actions scheduler, email campaigns, and more.

Report Writer

Get the data you put into your system out of it as the information you need, in the form you need it, when you need it. All TITAN forms are done to your specifications and can be customized even down to forms for specific customers and vendors with special requirements.